The CLARA Plan

CLARA proposes to build two inland cities in Victoria and a further six in NSW. These cities will be advanced, sustainable SMART cities.

CLARA’s SMART cities’ design focus is on livability and connectivity. They will be compact, innovative and minimize their environmental impact.

CLARA conjunctly proposes to build a High Speed Rail (HSR) network between Sydney and Melbourne via Canberra, connecting the proposed inland cities. This will include the construction of stations in each of the eight new cities as well as High Speed Rail platforms being developed for Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

The eight cities project can deliver critical mass in passenger numbers for the HSR network, as well as unlock the significant financial benefits to the Australian economy of inland city development.

“We have developed a plan that will allow for a quantum leap forward in the development of our nation to take place as a market-led, commercially viable project.”

Phase One of the CLARA Plan is the proposed leg from Melbourne to the Greater Shepparton Region. This will involve a $13bn high speed rail into northern Victoria and the development of two new partner cities in the region over a 30 years. Phase One can begin within five years, with the high speed rail connection and first stage of the new cities online within a decade.