The CLARA Plan

The CLARA Plan is to build up to eight of the world’s most advanced, sustainable, SMART, greenfield cities and connect them with a world class High Speed Rail system between Sydney and Melbourne via Canberra.

CLARA’s vision is to create the world’s most livable cities. CLARA cities with be compact, innovative and minimise their environmental impact.

CLARA conjunctly proposes to build a High Speed Rail (HSR) network between Sydney and Melbourne via Canberra, connecting the proposed inland cities. This will include the construction of stations in each of the eight new cities as well as High Speed Rail platforms being developed for Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

Within the CLARA plan there are two viable corridor options which could be the first stage of the CLARA plan:

  • Sydney to Canberra, which includes three CLARA cities; and/ or
  • Melbourne to Greater Shepparton, which includes two CLARA cities.

The five new CLARA cities from above will be within 35 minutes of the relevant capital city.

Creating an affordable sustainable housing market is a key driver for CLARA. We believe people deserve the opportunity to have rewarding employment, affordable housing, and enjoy a reasonable cost of living. Leading global companies will establish high tech employment with a mix of traditional jobs. Our pedestrian friendly urban design will minimise motor vehicle expenses, maximise healthy lifestyles, and create a more liveable, convenient and connected community.

CLARA’s cities must be connected ones. Connected within themselves and back to our major centres. This connectivity stems from our HSR network, which will run along our corridor. Each city will have its own transport system and all new cities will use the high speed rail to connect with other CLARA cities along the corridor.

The CLARA plan is certainly no small undertaking. However, the two identified corridors are independently, commercially, and socially viable.